Online Loudspeaker Enclosure Calculation

On this page you are able to calculate a speaker enclosure with Thiele/Small parameter. The colors of the curves in the diagrams for frequency response, step response, group delay and voice-coil impedance have the following meaning:

Thiele Small Parameter

Attention: You can put in your own Thiele/Small-parameter only if the speaker-select "parameterinput" is selected. To display diagrams you must fill in all appropiate fields (zeros disables the curves).

Resonance frequency fS (Hz):
VAS (litres):
QMS: => QES=0.00
DC voice-coil resistance RE (Ohm):
voice-coil inductance LE (mH):
Rg (Ohm): => QE=0.00 => QT=0.22


Vent diameter rd (cm):
Desired QTC:
Your own Box Impedance Phase
Phase of Sound Pressure Frequency Response
Enclosure volume VB (litres):
Vent diameter (cm): => (387.77 cm2)
Vent length (cm):
Air temperature (oC): => Cair: (343.5 m/s)
Result: Vented-Box Closed-Box
without filling
Your own Box
Your own Box
parameter for Spice Simulation
Volume of enclosure 40.19 litres 24.39 litres 22.22 litres | fS=22.22 Hz VB=22.22 litres | Sd=0.00 cm2
Resonance frequency 43.43 Hz 70.65 Hz 116.45 Hz | VAS=222.20 litres QL=3.00 | Xmax=0.00 mm
Half power frequency 54.58 Hz 70.71 Hz 95.90 Hz | QTS=0.22 h=5.24 | Pnom=0.00 W
Vent diameter 5 cm (19.63 cm2) --- 22.22 cm (387.77 cm2) | QMS=0.00 | SPLmax=INF dB
Vent length 4.07 cm --- 22.22 cm | RE=0.00 Ohm
Reference efficiency 0.00 % 0.00 % 0.00 % | LE=0.00 mH
Sound pressure level (SPL) 0.00 dB/W/m 0.00 dB/W/m 0.00 dB/W/m | Rg=0.00 Ohm
RAL=25692.55 , RAB=0.00

last change: 11.june 2014